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Inits population was 1, It is also the 6th biggest region in France. The region has been inhabited since the Paleolithic age and was occupied by the Gauls. Little touched by the Germanic migrationsit was part of the territory of the Alemanni in the fifth century, then the Kingdom of Burgundy from to It was Christianized through the influence of St. Columbanuswho founded several monasteries there.

Init became part of the Frankish kingdom. InClotaire II reunited the Frankish Kingdom under his rule, and the region remained a part of the Kingdom of Burgundy under the later Merovingians and Carolingians.

It had been a territory of the County of Burgundy fromthe province becoming subject to the Holy Roman Empire in It was definitively separated from the neighboring Duchy of Burgundy upon the latter's incorporation into the Kingdom of France in It was conquered a second time inand finally was ceded to France in the Treaty of Nijmegen Landowners took one-twelfth of the sale's price if a serf mainmortable wanted to sell up.

Serfs were not forced to stay on the land, but the lord could claim droit de suitewhereby a peasant who died away from his holding left it to the lord, even if he had heirs. A runaway serf's land was forfeit after ten years. The population of the region fell by a fifth from toreflecting low French natural growth and migration to more urbanized parts of the country.

This region borders Switzerland and shares much of its architecture, cuisine, and culture with its neighbour.

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Between the Vosges range of mountains to the north and the Jura range to the south, the landscape consists of rolling cultivated fields, dense pine forest, and rampart-like mountains. Not so majestic as the Alps, the Jura mountains are more accessible and are France's first cross-country skiing area. It is also a superb place to hike, and there are some fine nature trails on the more gentle slopes.

The Doubs and Loue valleys, with their timbered houses perched on stilts in the river, and the high valley of Ain, are popular visitor areas. The lakes are perfect for swimming in the warmer months. Forty percent of the region's GDP is dependent on manufacturing activities, and most of its production is exported.Its name comes from the host of castles constructed in the region. Throughout this period, the Castilian kings made extensive conquests in southern Iberia at the expense of the Islamic principalities.

Bob Dole, 96, compares current crisis to WWII when he was left partially paralyzed in Italy

The name reflects its origin as a march on the eastern frontier of the Kingdom of Asturiasprotected by castles, towers or castrain a territory formerly called Bardulia. The County of Castile, bordered in the south by the northern reaches of the Spanish Sistema Central mountain system, just north of modern-day Madrid province.

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It was re-populated by inhabitants of CantabriaAsturiasVasconia and Visigothic and Mozarab origins. It had its own Romance dialect and customary laws. A mix of settlers from the Cantabrian and Basque coastal areas, which were recently swelled with refugees, was led under the protection of Abbot Vitulus and his brother, count Herwig, as registered in the local charters they signed around the first years of the 's.

article dole map of spain

The areas that they settled didn't extend far from the Cantabrian southeastern ridges, and not beyond the southern reaches of the high Ebro river valleys and canyon gores. When Ferdinand I died inthe territories were divided among his children.

Urraca permitted the greater part of the Leonese army to take refuge in the town of Zamora. Sancho laid siege to the town, but the Castilian king was assassinated in by Bellido Dolfos, a Galician nobleman. The Castilian troops then withdrew. During the first years of the 12th century, Sancho, the only son of Alfonso VI, died, leaving only his daughter. In the Council of Burgos in the traditional Mozarabic rite was replaced by the Roman one.

Upon his death, Alfonso VI was succeeded by his daughter, the widowed Urraca, who then married Alfonso I of Aragon, but they almost immediately fell out. Alfonso tried unsuccessfully to conquer Urraca's lands, before he repudiated her in Urraca also had to contend with attempts by her son from her first marriage, the king of Galicia, to assert his rights.

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The centuries of Moorish rule had established Castile's high central plateau as a vast sheep pasturage; the fact that the greater part of Spanish sheep-rearing terminology was derived from Arabic underscores the debt. The 8th and 9th centuries was preceded by a period of Umayyad conquests, as Arabs took control of previously Hellenized areas such as Egypt and Syria in the 7th century.

Translators had to seek out wealthy business patrons rather than religious ones. Most knowledge of Greek during Umayyad rule was gained from scholars of Greek who remained from the Byzantine period, rather than through widespread translation and dissemination of texts. A few scholars argue that translation was more widespread than is thought during this period, but this remains the minority view.

The main period of translation was during Abbasid rule. Al-Mansur ordered this collection of world literature translated into Arabic. Under al-Mansur, and by his orders, translations were made from Greek, Syriac, and Persian. The Syriac and Persian books themselves were translations from Greek or Sanskrit. These new ideas enabled the amassing and translation of Greek concepts to disseminate like never before. During the 12th century, Europe enjoyed great advances in intellectual achievements, sparked in part by the kingdom of Castile's conquest of the great cultural center of Toledo There Arabic classics were discovered, and contacts established with the knowledge and works of Muslim scientists.

In the first half of the century a translation programcalled the "School of Toledo", translated many philosophical and scientific works from the Classical Greek and the Islamic worlds into Latin.The labor department is seeing the resurgence of the business process outsourcing industry in the country in the coming months with big players already posting thousands of additional seats to fill up their manpower requirements.

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Balik Hanapbuhay! Posted on June 14, CastileSpanish Castillatraditional central region constituting more than one-quarter of the area of peninsular Spain. The region formed the core of the Kingdom of Castile, under which Spain was united in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. With him the political history of Castile begins. He made the new county hereditary in his family and thus secured it a measure of autonomy under the kings of Leon. In his time the capital of the county was established at Burgos and there was expansion southward into Moorish territory.

Relations with the kings of Leon, still nominally the suzerains of Castile, were frequently bad. In Sancho III the Great of Navarre, the son of a Castilian mother, detached Castile from Leon and on his death awarded it to his second son, who was the first to assume the title of king of Castile, as Ferdinand I — Later, Castile was again united with Leon —but thereafter the two kingdoms again separated.

article dole map of spain

By then Castilian rule extended far south of the Tagus River and eastward to the modern frontiers of Aragon. Thus, Castilian pursuit of its political hegemony over Leon served to weaken the Christian front against the Muslims.

article dole map of spain

In Ferdinand IIIalready king of Castile, succeeded to the Leonese throne and both crowns were finally united under Castilian leadership. Meanwhile, the Muslim kingdom of Toledo in Spain had been annexed by Castile inand, by the middle of the 12th century, Castilian political hegemony in Spain was an accomplished fact. An attempt in —85 by Castile to annex Portugal by force failed, but in a Castilian prince, Ferdinand I, was successfully placed on the Aragonese throne, partly as a result of Castilian financial support and military force.

This move foreshadowed the personal union of the two crowns under Ferdinand and Isabella The Spanish part of the Kingdom of Navarre was annexed by Castile inthus completing the formation of modern Spain. The literary language of Spain after its unification was the Castilian vernacularand the centre of political and administrative power in Spain has since always been Castile. The Spanish culture transmitted to Latin America was also largely Castilian.

It has been claimed, with some exaggeration, that medieval Castile was a more progressive kingdom than its neighbours, with a more developed sense of unity and national destiny. Its dominant role in Spanish history may well have stemmed from the superior martial spirit and military organization of its people.

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Subscribe today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Castile received the largest share of the prosperity that came with silver bullion from the New World but suffered the worst consequences when Mexico and Peru became self-sufficient.

Bullion imports fell sharply; trade with the rest of Europe was severely imbalanced; and the weight of…. Second, Charles abandoned the defective policy of massive engagement with the enemy. Unable to command in…. Spain: Christian Spain from the Muslim invasion to about History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Dayevery day in your inbox! Email address. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice.By Chris Dyer For Dailymail.

Bob Dole has compared coronavirus to the Second World War, when he nearly died and was left partially paralyzed during fighting in Italy.

But the former senator, who represented Kansas during the s an s, vowed the US would get through the pandemic due to the same dedication of doctors and nurses who saved his life 75 years earlier. The former Senate majority leader and the Republican candidate for president who lost out to incumbent Bill Clinton, nearly died after being seriously wounded by German machine gun fire.

Bush, as he lay in state at the Capitol in December Bob Dole recovering from his wounds in after being seriously injured in Italy in April He suffered spinal cord bruising, lost a kidney and his recovery was compounded by blood clots and infection. Yesterday Dole took to Twitter to mark the 75th anniversary of the day he suffered his near fatal wounds. He posted a message of hope to his followers amid the coronavirus lockdown, saying that with 'love and support' the country will 'come out stronger and more united than ever'.

The veteran senator wrote: 'Seventy-five years ago today, I was wounded in the hills of Italy and I thought my life was over. Dole also said he was 'the most optimistic man in America' and believed the US would triumph in the face of the pandemic. So far, the US has had more coronavirus cases and fatalities than any other country, withcases and 26, deaths.

He added: 'A few years back, I said I was ''the most optimistic man in America''. I still am. I am confident that - thanks to the skills of great doctors and nurses, the love of our families, and the support of our friends, our nation will persevere, and we will come out stronger and more united than ever. Since his devastating injuries, Dole minimizes the effect of numbness in his arm by keeping a pen in his right hand.

Bush receiving a standing ovation after Bush introduced Dole at a rally Tampa in Former Sen. Bush, during the playing of 'Taps' at a Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremony in Texas in He was decorated three times with two Purple Hearts for his injuries and the Bronze Star with 'V' Device for valor for his attempt to assist a downed radioman. After working as an attorney, Dole went into politics and a member of the House of Representatives from to and in the Senate from toserving as the Senate Majority Leader from until Dole ran against George H.

Kingdom of Castile

Bush in the Republican presidential primary in a bitter battle, but Bush ultimately won the nomination and Dole stayed in the Senate. However, the two men forged a working relationship and began great friends. No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. Argos AO.Free map of Spain for PowerPoint. Map with Spanish states, colored location pins, and flag.

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The Spanish military has found older residents of some care homes "completely abandoned" and even "dead in their beds," Defense Minister Margarita Robles said in a television interview on Monday.

They were found as soldiers disinfected and provided emergency health care services this week to residential homes across the country. Robles did not give an exact figure for the number of dead bodies found by Spanish soldiers.

article dole map of spain

On Tuesday, new deaths were registered in a hour period, the worst increase since the outbreak began. Retirement homes have been particularly affected. Last week, one privately owned home in Madrid reported 20 deaths and 75 infectionsclaiming it didn't have adequate material to take care of the sick residents and dead bodies. While the usual protocol in Spanish nursing homes is to put the body of a deceased person in cold storage until a funeral service picks it up, bodies are now being left in beds until properly equipped staff can remove them.

Maps of Spain

Speaking in a television interview, Robles said staff in some centers had left the nursing homes after cases of COVID were detected. Residents were abandoned to take care of themselves, even though some were sick and in serious condition. The defense minister said the government will take action against those responsible. Meanwhile, Spanish prosecutors have launched an investigation into the incidents.

Health Minister Salvador Illa said residential care homes are "a high priority during this time" for the Spanish government, and it will exert "maximum control" over these centers.

Over the weekend, Spain's Defense Ministry made thousands of phone calls to seniors living alone or in vulnerable situations to assess their health. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. NPR Shop. The Coronavirus Crisis. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. March 24, PM ET. Enlarge this image.

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